Sunday, March 29, 2009

Say Hello...

... to a married woman!

Yes, I did get married at the courthouse on St. Patrick's Day. The ceremony was short... it was over in 15 minutes! It was just the two of us that day, but we're planning to have a small reception with Husband's family sometime during the summer. Anyway, for our mini-honeymoon, we went to Chicago, and had a wonderful time.

People had been asking me if I felt different after getting married.

Honestly?... I don't feel any different!

I don't know if it's because I don't exactly have my big wedding yet or if there's really no difference. Sometimes, I think movies and fairy tales make too much of weddings and marriages, but in reality it's not as idealistic or as dreamy as it seems. Really... how am I supposed to feel? I knew I already love my husband very much before I married him. I don't know if it's possible to love him any more than I already do. The only difference that I know of and feel now, is that I see him everyday. I wake up every morning beside him and go home to him every night. And I do agree... that is a wondeful feeling! I guess you can say that getting married gives you more stability and a feeling of security. .. The thought that whatever happens, your spouse would be there to love and support you. But the thing is, I've always felt that way with my husband ever since I've known him. Getting married basically, just makes it official.

But I can say that I am absolutely happy. I still need to get used to calling him my husband and being referred to as his wife, but I'm getting there. He's been a great husband so far. Two days ago, he came home early and had dinner ready for me. And yesterday, he went to the grocery store and bought things he knew I would like, as well as gave me a very sweet card!

Well, if this is what married life's like, I definitely can get used to it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Ticket

I'm temporarily breaking my hibernation to post a short rant.

A cop gave me my first ticket yesterday. Yes, my very first. I'm usually a law-abiding citizen. ;-)

And no, it's not for speeding!

It's for talking on the phone while driving!!! Yes, seriously! How the heck am I supposed to know that I was driving by one of the very few cities in Ohio that imposes the 'no talking while driving' law? Okay, I know, I know! With or without law, I shouldn't be doing that in the first place, so I guess that should teach me two lessons.

(1) Don't talk while driving!
(2) Pay attention to road signs (big or small)!

And you know what the irony is? I was actually at the store thinking of buying a Bluetooth last weekend (you know, that thing you use on your ear that makes other people feel stupid thinking you're talking to them and then realizing you're not?), but decided to put it off and save money for our Chicago trip. Well, I'm definitely spending money to buy one now, in addition to paying a $105 fee! Ugh!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy Life

I haven't been posting as much as I usually to do. And I apologize.

March is proving to be such a busy month for me. First of all, I'm getting married at the courthouse in 10 days. Yes, 10 days! On St. Patricks day! Fiance and I went to get our marriage license last week and scheduled our wedding. Turned out that was the only day during the week we wanted, that the courthouse would perform weddings. So we decided we might as well set it that day. Kinda unromantic I know, but I don't consider that my real wedding (the real one's on January, 2010) so it's not a big deal for me. (Read this and this for my wedding plans.)

Secondly, I'm moving to Fiance's apartment in a few weeks. And do you know how much pain packing is? Now I understand why there's such a thing as Movers. They make life easy! But we gotta save money to buy a house so I had no choice but to move my lazy butt and do it myself.

Third, I have to go to Chicago in a few days to do some lab testing for my job. Fiance decided to tag along so we'll be spending next weekend in that beautiful place.

And did I tell you that our company reorganized everybody's offices and cubicles? Now my cube is in front of my boss' office and directly in his line of sight! You know what that means, don't you? No more blogging on workdays for me! :-)

I do promise however, that I'll try my very best to post from time to time and read all your wonderful blogs.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Acceptance. Theoretically, it seems so easy, but in reality, it's one of the hardest thing to do in life. How do you accept and take the pain when your heart gets broken, the sorrow when a family member dies or the bitter taste of defeat? It's human nature to feel these emotions! Emotions brought about by things we have no control of, things we feel completely powerless about... but things we desperately wish would never happen to us.

I struggled so hard with acceptance when I was a kid. I've always been involved in all sorts of competitions - academic or otherwise. But as with all competitions, it's either you win or you lose. When you win, of course, acceptance is easy! But when you lose, it's a different story. Your mind goes through all the things you did and try to analyze what you did wrong. I was a competitive kid, and it took me a while to stop beating myself up and accept that I won't win all battles. All I can do is be more prepared the next time and do better.

Fast forward to the present. I learned to be more accepting though the course of years. I've learned that not everthing in life goes according to my plans or what I want, and was able to accept the outcome wholeheartedly. The key is just looking at the brighter side and accepting that it's just part of life. And believing there's a reason why it happened that way. I do admit that there are times when I still struggle with acceptance. But I did come to grips and accept facts like...

... I can't sing for the life of me.
... I would only grow to be 5'2 tall, and not an inch taller.
... you might be a popular girl in school but the boy you like might still not like you.
... awkwardness is part of growing up.
... nothing in life comes easy. You have to study and work hard to achieve your dreams.
... you'll come across some b*tchy and mean people once in a while.
... you'll go through a series of heartbreaks before you find Mr. Right.
... there's no such thing as a Perfect Man.
... you can't be perfect either.
... the people you love won't always be around ( so you have to tell them how much you love them while they're still here).
... you won't always have everything you want.
... you can't avoid embarassing situations.
... pain and heartaches make you stronger. No pain, no gain.

I believe that acceptance is a state of mind. It is a choice. A choice that is hard to make but with willpower, is achievable. If not, I guess we can just always pray...

"God, give me the serenity to accept the things I can not change..."

My bloggy friends, what have you learned to accept over the years?