Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm Back!

Five years, 4 months and 26 days.

That's how long it has been since I last wrote on this blog. Don't shoot me. I know I said I'll be back, but I didn't say when, so technically I still kept my promise.

In case you're wondering why I fell off the blogosphere... well, blame it on my money, time and energy-sucking, but loving kids! Yes, that's right. Kids! As in plural - with an s! I have two kids now, a 4-year old boy and a 5-year old girl. Who would have thought it would happen after my apparently-just-perceived infertility issues, right?  I mean, we've been trying so hard to conceive for about a year and were about to lose hope, when, all of a sudden, bam, a fertilized egg emerged! And as if that's not enough surprize, four months after giving birth to my daughter, I found out I was pregnant again! You should have seen the shock on my beloved husband's face! You would have thought the scientists declared that the Sun wasn't a star, after all. I guess it didn't help that I made the announcement a day before April Fools. The poor guy thought I was joking, until I showed him the 3 positive pregnancy tests! Needless to say, he's incredulous, asking how it happened. Well, duh!... his brain must have been fried from the shock, because that's the stupidest question ever! How exactly did he think it happened?

So here I am, a mother of two preschoolers, with a full time management job. You'd think that's enough to keep me busy with no room for anything else, right? Wrong! I decided that's not enough torture, so I went back to graduate school to get an MBA. I wish I can claim I'm a superwoman, but then I have huge help from my Mom, so I'm not really doing it all. Plus, I have an awesome boss who lets me work from home when I feel like it, so life isn't really that hard. But suffice it so say, that after that second baby surprise, I hurriedly went back to the doctor and demanded a 10-year birth control plan. I also made sure my wishes were phrased the right way, because its true what they say... be careful what you wish for! I learned it the hard way. I'm happy with my two rugrats - they're my life, but they're all this Mommy can handle.